CBD Oil and Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

Jan 14, 2019

Many pregnant women have recently been turning to CBD oil in order to alleviate pregnancy symptoms. Some women have experienced less cramps, pain, nausea, among other ailments that surround you during a pregnancy. However, with not much research surrounding CBD oil and pregnancy it might make some of us wonder: Is CBD oil actually safe for baby? 

We found that many of the studies involving cannabinoids and pregnancy are focused on either marijuana as a whole, or THC as the primary cannabinoid of interest. CBD Oil has been researched since 1940 and has only recently gained traction in scientific publications. Mostly because of the recent farm bill that paved the way for hemp to be legally grown in the United States - opening up government research on the extraction and manufacturing of CBD products. Unfortunately, the studies surrounding CBD and its effects on pregnancy are pretty scarce. 

According to Romper, “That's not to say there aren't any studies available outside of the mouse population that looked at CBD oil or marijuana use during pregnancy. There are indeed. And some of them are pretty promising when considering potential future treatments of chronic and acute conditions during pregnancy, especially one published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology which found that maternal marijuana use is not independently associated with "adverse neonatal outcomes." Dr. Stuart Titus, Ph.D., a leading researcher in the field and the president of Medical Marijuana, Inc., told Romper in a previous interview that "CBD is a molecule that helps with neurogenesis, the development of healthy brain cells," and that he's observed pregnant women thrive on cannabinoid-rich diets (and go on to deliver healthy babies).” 

Unfortunately, for expecting mothers there hasn’t been a completely in-depth, linear study of the effects of CBD oil and neonatal development; so, you might not get the answers you want at this time when it comes to whether or not to use it while pregnant. Just keep in mind: your OBGYN is the best person to discuss CBD oil use when it comes to your pregnancy and what’s best for your growing baby.