The Top Reason You Should Try CBD Ice Cream

Jan 14, 2019

America actually shares a birthdate with the beloved tradition of ice cream with the first ice cream parlour dating back to 1776 in New York. No wonder Americans have embraced the tradition of relaxing with this sweet treat for so many years. With the tradition of enjoying a cone or a cup of ice cream still going strong in the U.S. there’s no surprise that someone decided to infuse the delicious delicacy with CBD oil.


There are several ice cream parlours serving up this yummy treat like Rolled and Roasted in Asheville, North Carolina. Their ingredients are all local and fair-trade certified—and that includes the full-spectrum organic CBD oil. CBD Confectioners like Elisha Lewis of Rolled and Roasted pride themselves on the quality of CBD oil used to roll the ice cream, “CBD can be damaged, and its effectiveness can be less if it’s kept frozen or brought to high temperatures. That’s why by waiting to add CBD oil until the last second, you can expect to really feel the difference.” Along with Asheville you can find this fabulous frozen treat in Florida, at Heavenly Hash Creamery which offers you a 20, 40 or 60 mg dose of CBD oil in each frozen treat. CBD ice cream will also be popping up in Philadelphia soon, as well as many other states now that the farm bill is opening up legal pathways to adding CBD oil to food and beverages.


Another great reason to try CBD ice cream: This dessert is in a class by itself. Not only will it provide you with all-natural relief for some health ailments, you can mix it with your favorite ice cream flavor. Say goodbye to things like anxiety and depression, chronic pain, and acne with a scoopful of vanilla, rocky road, oreo, salted caramel, mint chocolate chip, birthday cake - and all the toppings your CBD loving heart can handle.