What Are The Benefits Of CBD Oil?

Jan 14, 2019

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD oil, can be very beneficial when it comes to many ailments that plague are daily life ranging from simple stress to treatment of chronic pain. Many people think CBD oil is just for pain, but it can also have some amazing healing properties that you might benefit when it comes to using CBD oil. So, how can you benefit from a daily dose of CBD? 

Pain Management 

CBD oil has been proven to reduce chronic pain for many patients, but it can also reduce the pain of depression and anxiety. Depending on the dose you need, vape pens, tinctures, and daily dose syringes. You can also use topicals to reduce inflammation and joint pain. CBD oil is often offered as a lotion or cream, salve, chapstick, and even bubble bath. 

Substance Abuse Treatment 

CBD has been studied extensively for its potential to help treat substance abuse, and has been found to reduce heroine seeking behavior in rats. Even the Mayo Clinic recommends a combination dose of medical marijuana and CBD to help curve addiction cravings and fight the side effects known with detox from drugs like opiates and morphine. 

Medical Prevention

The coolest thing about CBD has to be its preventative effects. CBD oil has been shown to prevent certain types of cancer, as well as diabetes. Some studies have shown in recent years that women who don’t get an adequate night’s sleep can put themselves at greater risk of heart disease. Not only does CBD oil help you get some serious zzz’s, CBD has recently been linked to several benefits for the heart like the ability to lower blood pressure and preventing heart damage all together.