Will CBD Help Cure Your Hangover?

Sep 17, 2019

No matter where you live or what your hobbies are, one aspect of our lives is usually synonymous with the rest of the world -- consuming alcohol. Beer, wine and more have been fueling parties and helping people all over the world tolerate their in-laws for centuries now. Despite all of the joys that can come from a beer-filled night out with friends, one dreaded thing is almost certain to follow -- the hangover. Even the most responsible drinker has experienced a hangover at one point or another and anyone who has had splitting headaches and a churning stomach has likely sought a cure for the alcohol induced ailment.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been growing in popularity for many reasons, but have you ever heard about CBD helping with a hangover?* (Please see FDA disclaimer at the bottom). Before we dive into that, let's start with the basics.

What causes a hangover?

Alcohol affects the body in many ways and the more we drink the worse these effects are. The physical symptoms we experience are usually headaches, dehydration, nausea and more. However, these symptoms are only what's happening on the surface, rather the problems alcohol can cause inside our body are usually much worse.

Simply said, too much alcohol can cause damage to your brain and liver. Your liver's job is to filter out any toxins from your bloodstream and if you're drinking heavily, your liver may be overworking itself. This can cause your blood sugar to drop, making you feel lethargic and sick.

A few side effects of a hangover:


When you drink alcohol your stomach's acid production is increased. At a minimum, this can be uncomfortable with bloating, gas and heartburn. At worst, increased stomach acid production can lead to acid reflux or painful stomach ulcers.

Decrease in Motor & Cognitive Skills

Drinking alcohol triggers your immune system to initiate an inflammatory response in your body. This can cause major problems for your cognitive abilities including a foggy memory, lack of motor skills and blurry vision.

Headaches & Migraines

The most common and perhaps most annoying side-effect of your body's inflammatory response include headaches and migraines. Essentially, your body starts attacking itself causing aches and pains in numerous areas. Not only that but alcohol also initiates a urinary tract response, leading to dehydration from frequent urination. These factors combine and often result in that head-splitting migraine that greets you just as the sun blazes through your blinds in the morning.

Does CBD Help Cure a Hangover?

While CBD may not instantly cure your hangover, it can most certainly help soothe the resulting side effects. Many individuals have found CBD to be an amazing supplement to consume after a long night out. Some hangover-related benefits of CBD include

Reducing the Frequency of Migraines and Headaches

In one study, CBD and THC were found to reduce the frequency of migraines and headaches in participants. Many find headaches to be the worst part of any hangover, so any reduction in the length or frequency will make the 'morning after' much more manageable.

Rehydrating Your Body

One of the best things you can do for your body is rehydrate! Many people turn to antioxidants and water to restore lost water and electrolytes after a long night of drinking. CBD is a powerful antioxidant, as well as a neuroprotectant, meaning it can help repair cells that have been damaged by a night of over-consumption. Antioxidants also have the potential to reduce the damage done by free radicals, which are produced during a period of heavy drinking.

Replenishing Nutrients

Another vital step to kicking any hangover is to replenish the nutrients in your body. However, after a long morning of praying to the porcelain god, sometimes the last thing you want to do is eat. Many people have found CBD to be a natural remedy for nausea, allowing them to once again look at food without a churning stomach.. Getting proper nutrition will give your body the fuel to start repairing the damage done by alcohol. A flavorless, full-spectrum CBD tincture is perfect for anyone with a sensitive stomach or those who are on diets such as Paleo or Vegan. Just add a few drops to a large glass of water and help fight that nagging hangover*.

Soothing Your Body's Inflammatory Response

Drinking alcohol triggers the body's inflammatory response, leading to rampant aches and pains all over the body. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, which can help limit the inflammation in your body after a night of drinking. This allows your body to relax while finding relief from pain and swelling.

Protecting Your Liver and Brain

A 2013 study conducted at the University of Kentucky, intended to determine if cannabidiol (CBD) would repair, or even prevent, the liver and brain damage done by alcohol. Stunningly, the researchers found that CBD reduced the amount of damage done to the liver and brain by up to 50% in test subjects.

CBD and Hangovers: The Verdict

While more studies and research is currently being done on the effects of CBD, the results so far are promising. As for being a hangover cure, all current information shows it's a potent, all-natural remedy. The effects and overall results depend largely on the individual, as no two hangovers are the same. Next time your struggling to kick a hangover, try melting a Lemon Drop CBD hard candy into your favorite cup of tea for a soothing CBD Lemon Tea!


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