CBD Will Get a Boost With Passage of a New Farm Bill

Dec 10, 2018

A major bill geared to be approved in Congress this week will majorly overhaul much of cash crop industry including legalizing industrial hemp production and sale, meaning big changes in the CBD market are coming. Hemp as plant will be decriminalized after being a controlled substance for decades and it can then be grown without a license throughout the entire United States. The bill will not effect the marijuana industry, the Hemp plant's cousin containing more THC than CBD. While CBD is already commonly found in many parts of the country treating a wide spectrum of ailments, it will now likely be adopted into many major company's inventory as they develope new CBD-infused products. 

Products with a little bit of CBD as a “food additive” have been available for a while from small outfits such as the yet-unprofitable New Age Beverages (NBEV). With the farm bill assuring the federal legality of hemp production and distribution, big firms may now start putting CBD as a “functional” additive in drinks—along the lines of Coca-Cola ’s Vitaminwater.