New Zealand passes new medical cannabis law

Dec 10, 2018

This week lawmakers in New Zealand passed a law that fully decriminalizes cannabidiol (CBD) opening the market across the country for manufactures as well as the potential for international trade. The bill also loosens restrictions on medical marijuana in the nation which is expected to be licensed and regulated within the next year. Terminally ill patients will be exempt from the delay and immediately be allowed to possess and use medical cannabis. New Zealand legislators are also already discussing a possibly recreational marijuana program that could be voted on in the next two years.

Additionally, the law fully decriminalizes cannabidiol (CBD) products, allows medical marijuana products to be manufactured in New Zealand and empowers the Governor-General to establish regulatory standards for cannabis products. According to the Health Committee Report, commenters overwhelmingly supported permitting terminally ill patients access to cannabis products, with 96 percent of them in support of the implementation of quality standards