Legal Pathways To Come As FDA Makes A Joint Effort With CBD

Jan 14, 2019

CBD oil has been finding its way into food and drink for some time, but some states have made it a ‘no fly zone’ when it comes to infusing food and drink just after the President signed the ‘new’ farm bill. However, even with government agencies limiting the use of CBD oil and hemp oil in various food and drink on a local government level, the FDA is actively looking for “pathways” to legalize the sale of CBD oil in food and drink; which could be the last of many hurdles when it comes to legally selling CBD across state lines. 

As the law now stands, you can sell CBD in the area you are licensed. You can’t, however, sell it to someone in Florida if you are a retailer in Kansas City. Also, some governing bodies like Kansas City, Missouri Alcohol Control has repeatedly denied restaurant owners the ability to sell CBD oil in food and drink. While you can legally buy CBD oil in Kansas City you can’t add it too cocktails or food then sell it for a profit, even with the recent changes to the farm bill that opened up doors for CBD when it comes to food and beverage. 

The changes to the farm bill were enough to allow Canadian companies like Canopy Growth a pathway into the U.S. market. Banks are now likely to be more apt to support hemp and cannabis related businesses in the U.S. as products become legal under federal laws. For instance, West Virginia passed a medical marijuana bill into state legislature nearly two years ago and are still seeing legal ramifications since most banks in the state won’t touch a marijuana related business - even if it’s legal and for the treatment of things like cancer and social anxiety. 

Now that the FDA has begun to recognize the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD and THC they are, “committed to pursuing an efficient regulatory framework for allowing product developers that meet the requirements under our authorities to lawfully market these types of products," according to FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb. Ultimately, we will indeed see the FDA aiding in government research and legal pathways to help CBD and THC retailers make the most of products offered for patients in the future.