Cannabis Suppositories Are a New Doctor-Approved Trend in Medical Marijuana

Feb 15, 2019

As cannabis production and development goes further researchers continue discovering products that are even more effective than previously realized. While vaping cannabis products is more on trend and considered healthier than smoking, now there is a third option of ingestion considered to be more efficient for certain medication. The idea may not appeal to most consumers or patients, but taking CBD medication rectally with suppositories is considered to be the most effective method compared to orally according to research published in the journal Pharmacology. Suppositories can provide greater relief with CBD while also absorbing THC less efficiently, which is what some patients prefer when trying to avoid any psychoactive inebriation. For some patients, smoking and even vaping is just not an option, but other methods may not be as helpful. Suppositories will remain as a reliable treatment for CBD use for patients of all kinds.

Research has shown that rectal CBD can actually have some unique therapeutic benefits over oral CBD, too. A 2012 study in the journal Pharmacology showed that mice with colitis who received rectal CBD experienced greater relief from symptoms than mice who received the drug orally.