C.B.D., cannabis top restaurant chef survey

Feb 13, 2019

As the new year comes upon us many industries reflect on this past year, what can be done better, what do the customers want more of, and how to achieve it. The annual survey from the American Culinary Federation shows chefs what it is that their hungry customers have been wanting most, and that answer was overwhelmingly cannabis-infused food and drink. Holding the spots infront of zero-waste cooking and globally-inspired breakfasts, both cannabis/CBD -infused drinks and cannabis/CBD -infused foods took 1st and 2nd as the most sought after culinary creations for the new year. While the market has been experimenting with these techniques for a couple years now many believe the potential opportunities have just begun and the industry has much further to reach for.

Nearly 77% of the chefs ranked cannabis/C.B.D.-infused drinks as the No. 1 trend, and 76% of them tapped cannabis/C.B.D.-infused food as the second most popular. Chefs who participated in the survey said infusing foods with the ingredients could create unique cuisine opportunities and potential new markets for experiential dining occasions.