Triminator Releases a Whole-Plant CBD Hemp Harvesting Solution

Feb 14, 2019

With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill there have been many advancements in the industry including the ability to legally grow, process, and sell hemp, however another huge advancement not as many people may know of is the increased access to new harvesting equipment that will fuel the hemp industry's future. A new product released by the company Triminator promises to revolutionize the way that hemp is harvested and loaded before being processed into CBD. The Triminator Kirpy CBD Hemp Harvester mounts to a tractor to cut the whole hemp plant at the base, notch the stem, and loads into a transport trailer, capable of harvesting up to 5 acres of hemp a day.

"There is so much interest in CBD hemp right now, we wanted to offer farmers a way to lower their production costs through automation. Historically, if you wanted to harvest CBD hemp flowers, you had to harvest by hand. With the growth in the industry, we saw the need for new thinking and new technology. Our hemp harvester eliminates the need for manual labor while maintaining the purity and integrity of the CBD flowers," said Dana Mosman, CEO of Triminator