CBD: Calm Your Pet’s Nerves During Holiday Fireworks

Jan 14, 2019

We’ve all seen it or even posted about it on social media - the dreaded season of the ‘all summer fourth of July firework extravaganza’. Fourth of July used to be the only day people set off all the things that go ‘boom’, but since we’ve seen the legalization of fireworks expanding through states and longer dates of purchase over the years - more and more people are making it an all summer, nightly event putting your pets in some pretty stressful situations. 

For instance, New York legalized sparkling devices to be sold June 20 to July 5 and December 26 to January 2. That’s double the trouble and torment for some pets. Even more so, some pets are terrified of thunder. Pets can often experience the same stress and anxiety we as humans do, and while there are ‘thunder vests’ that help ease their pain - they don’t always work on all animals. 

So, how do you protect Fluffy from Cujo sized fireworks displays your neighbor insists on setting off every night this summer? Many pet owners are turning to natural CBD oil. “Pet Food Express in Oakland, California is selling Cannabidiol Oil (CBD) for jumpy pets, claiming that it can help alleviate their tensions during the the upcoming boom of New Year’s Eve fireworks. Owners don’t need a medical marijuana card to purchase the products either.”

Some pet CBD companies have found that CBD oil is great for animals that freak out at bath time, too. Water can often be scary for dogs and cats, and painful for owners because not only do the animals scratch or claw you it’s heartbreaking to some when you put said family pet into so much distress. 

Pet Food Express Spokesperson Linda Loza explains, “It is not psychoactive and it’s not marijuana-based. It’s help-based.” She explained that the animals don’t become “high.” Because CBD oil contains only trace amounts of THC, there is no head change when it comes to taking CBD oil. So, this product could be the calming answer for you and your pet but before you administer it talk to your Veterinarian to discuss this as an option for firework or bath time anxiety.