Yes, It’s True: CBD And IPA Have Become Best Buds

Jan 14, 2019

CBD and IPA have made their relationship official. Fatty’s Beer Works in Charleston, SC teamed up with Charleston Hemp Company to give you the ultimate mashup when it comes to loving hoppy beers and the lovely effects of CBD. If coffee can have a thing with CBD, why can’t IPA!? 

Fatty’s Beer Works tells the story of the greatest time-traveling brewmaster the world has never known through his travels in time. Basically, the brewery prides itself on the brewing process rich in beer history. You can even have a pint with Fatty in the Tap Room located at the brewery, and they suggest your drop by any day of the week.

So, what do you get when you mash IPA and CBD up? A "super dry and crisp IPA with low bitterness. Basically, a huge bouquet of dank passion fruit with delicate hemp notes." Each pint contains about 5 mg of CBD. The beer starts with a single malt base and a single hop variety, but according to the brewery can take a variety of directions from there. With Ben Chambers from Fatty's, who also had a hand in SweetWater's hemp IPA, behind the beer - what could go wrong? 

David Bulick, the owner of Charleston Hemp Company, notes that “some drinkers of the new CBD Smash IPA may feel some stress reduction or a sense of well-being, without any of the hallucinogenic properties of marijuana. David is also keen to stress the point that hemp is not marijuana." So, you’ll get a flavor rich IPA without the head change. 

Fatty’s Brewery debuted CBD Smash IPA in December but will have a CBD Release Party at The Charleston Pour House on January 4, 2019 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Be sure to keep an eye on Fatty’s events page to check for tap takeovers, and you might be able to find CBD Smash IPA at a local bar near you.